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  • 10 October 2017

    On 4-6 October, the delegation of the National Defense Commission of the Republic of Poland which consisted of: Chairman Michał Jach, Deputy Chairman Czesław Mroczek, members Andrzej Smirnow and Artur Soboń, and the Deputy Head of the secretariat of the Office of the Commission Michał Madaj visited Lithuania.

    During the visit, the delegation met with the members of the Committee on National Security and Defence of the Lithuanian Seimas, as well as the Committee on Foreign Affairs and European Affairs; they visited the HQ of NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) in Vilnius and the Genocide Museum. The delegation also met with  Vice Minister of National Defence Edvinas Kerza, and Deputy Foreign Minister Neris Germanas.





    They discussed the security situation in the region, military cooperation, energy security projects, and other issues relevant to Lithuanian and Poland, the region and Europe as a whole. Military intelligence and air defense also received a lot of attention. It was stressed that Poland and Lithuania were faced with similar threats and challenges in the field of security. The delegation laid wreaths at the Polish Military Memorial at Antakalnis Cemetery and at the memorial to the victims of the tragic events of January 13, 1991. Chairman Michał Jach told the Lithuanian media that "Patriot" missiles, will be purchased by Warsaw and  will also be used to defend Lithuania, because it experiences the same air threat as Poland. Commenting on the issues of Poles in Lithuania, Michał Jach expressed his hope that "there will be a time when cooperation with the Lithuanian government in matters concerning Polish minorities, such as education, will be as good as in the field of security and military."


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