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  • 9 August 2017

    “The cooperation with Lithuania was working very different, but we have been brothers for centuries. We defended together and helped themselves in difficult situations. And today we go back to the same” - the Minister of Energy said.



    And now it appears that the Mažeikiai oil refinery can work well. Apparently someone was keen to show that this plan focusing on maintaining sovereignty, promoted by President Lech Kaczyński, is wrong and brings losses - he added.


    He pointed out that the Mažeikiai oil refinery made a profit of PLN 900 mln in 2016, and “in the current year we can expect further profits”.


    Tchórzewski said that talks between Sikorski and Krawiec about the sale of refinery were a big carelessness when it comes to taking care of Polish interests."



    Source: TVP INFO

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